Become an agent & earn more with OsusuMobile.

Our simple-to-use SMS powered service allows you register savers in no time, so you can start earning as they save with you.

Become an OsusuMobile Agent now

Agent Commission Rates

As an agent you are an integral part of our operations and we want you to feel this way. Our partnership with you is one that must be rewarding, that is why we have designed OsusuMobile to make you earn every time a saver deposits money with you.

Buy N5,000 credit block

and get credited with


N75 profit

Buy N10,000 credit block

and get credited with


N150 profit

Buy N20,000 credit block

and get credited with


N300 profit

*As an OsusuMobile agent you become an important part our banking network. You can accept deposits from savers, offer cash-out services and also assist new users setup OsusuMobile accounts. As an OsusuMobile agent you are required to -
1 Be fully registered by OsusuMobile. A unique OsusuMobile Agent ID will be given to you with branded materials to confirm successful registration.
2 You must have a cash positive balance in your OsusuMobile account before you can initiate a deposit request. Always make sure you purchase credit blocks and your available OsusuMobile account balance is not empty.