Basic financial
services for everyone.

Enhancing Financial Inclusion in Africa by providing microfinance
to small businesses with a focus on microsavings and trade financing
through the use of basic mobile phones

Mobile banking

OsusuMobile is providing small businesses with trade finance and microsavings using mobile wallets.

Small deposits

An easy avenue to make small deposits and enhance savings culture. No amount is too small to deposit.

Your money is safe

Your money is stored in our partner bank, and all savings are NDIC insured up to N50,000,000.00.

OsusuMobile is providing microloans and trade finance to small businesses in Nigeria. Find out more on how we are helping small businesses in Nigeria grow.

 My Osusu

Start saving easily with My Osusu. Set targets and reminders and save without any hassle. From tuition and holiday savings to building capital for your next venture, My Osusu helps you save towards your goals.

We know committing to putting money away can be hard, that is why My Osusu has been designed to make commitment easier for you.

You can save as little as you want anytime

Lodge your funds yourself 24/7 online

You cash out your savings at the end of the month

Pay as little as 3.3% in admin fees

 Osusu Groups

Ever wanted to start saving with a group of friends and colleagues? You can now do that with Osusu Groups. Create a group, invite your friends, and start contributing into a pot accessible for everyone in turns.

Elect to be part of a group to save and decide on how much each group member contributes to the pot at the beginning of each cycle.

Start or Join an OsusuMobile group

Set how much each person puts in the pot

Take turns in withdrawing savings

Pay as little as 3.3% in admin fees

 Fixed Osusu

With Fixed Osusu you can let your savings work for you. Simply deposit a fixed amount for specified periods and get attractive interests and benefits.

Get the opportunity to save towards a medium or long term goal and also earn income on your money.

ARM Investment Managers Limited is our portfolio Managers.

Save as little or as much as you want

Get up to 7.5% interest on savings

Increase credit score to access loans

No extra charges on withdrawals


We believe saving with us should get you more than what you put in. That is why you become eligible for OsusuMobile Micro-loans after saving with us for 3-6 months.

Build your credit worthiness and get access to credit needed to take your business and projects to the next level. Loan amount is dependent on credit score calculated based on our internal credit scoring model.

Save with us for 3-6 months

Applicable to all types of savings - Fixed, Group and My Osusu

Build your credit score to access more loans

Simple loan rates of 8% and one-time 4% processing fee