About us

A better way to Save.

What we're about

OsusuMobile is all about making financial activities easy, convenient, and accessible. We want to remove complexities that could come with trying to open a bank account or saving money, especially time spent on long queues.

With OsusuMobile, all you need is a mobile phone. You can walk up to any of our agents to save money and, in turn, save time that can be used for more productive ventures like building your business, empowering yourself, or just having fun.

With our range of products including My Osusu, Osusu Groups, and Fixed Osusu, you can benefit from varying financial services that enable you save easily towards your goals, while harnessing the power of community, and making your money work for you.

Our philosophy

We believe credit empowers and is important in alleviating poverty. Good credit, however, comes from savings and loans, with a good record of the former making it easy to secure the latter. That is why, at OsusuMobile, we are focused on making savings easy and hassle-free for our users, thereby enhancing credit-worthiness.

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